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30 min BEGINNER VINYASA YOGA FLOW + Printable PDF | No Props | Slow Flow Yoga

30 min BEGINNER VINYASA YOGA FLOW + Printable PDF | No Props | Slow Flow Yoga

30 min BEGINNER VINYASA YOGA FLOW + Printable PDF | No Props | Slow Flow Yoga

Welcome to 30 minute Beginner Yoga Flow: this is a dynamic Vinyasa style yoga practice that builds active flexibility and strength.
You don’t need any extra props for this practice, just a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes.
Download 30 min Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Flow PDF:

30 min BEGINNER YOGA FLOW | No Props (Video + Printable PDF)

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Video for Vinyasa Yoga Postures Pdf
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  1. Hola Iuliana. No hablo ni escribo inglés. Sigo tu canal desde hace poco. Vivo en Colombia, América del Sur y me gustan muchos tus videos. Gracias por compartirlos. Feliz Noche

  2. 😸 enjoyed this so much ! The last downward dog felt SO different than the first, that's why I love your videos, you can gauge change in one practice, thanks Uliana!

  3. I’ve been practicing with you every day. Your videos have been a life saver for me relieving stress from my long work weeks.

  4. Ok you killed me with this one 😀 And I used to breakdance. Not sure if I'm getting old or your classes are too good! 😀 I put your channel on my favorite channels list, so I hope you get a few more subscribers from me! I really appreciate detailed explanations and getting to the next pose slowly so that we have time to do that without looking at the screen to figure out what's going on! Not everyone does it. That's why I only stick with your classes.

  5. Hi sweetie 🥰I would like to thank you for this Yoga classes, its the first time i practice and i really enjoyed this. I have a little difficulties in some positions due to my scoliosis and sincerely i’m not flexible at all… do you think i’ll recover my back and fexibility? It is possible to make the more difficult yoga positions? 🥰❤️

  6. I will strt on tomorrow…. Coz i have finished 21 days challenge on today ☺️….. Is this yoga will loose our wight?

  7. I love how detailed you are explaining the poses. This really saves other yogis from wrong aglignment! 😸💚

  8. thanks! this was first yoga class in two years, and this was a nice flow to get back into things. definitely worked up a sweat too. have a good day!

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